Junior children at Gad’s Hill School celebrated Chinese New Year with a visit from a classmate’s parent, who treated them to traditional gifts and dishes.

Mrs Shan Zhang, from Higham, joined the 8-9 year-olds to talk about how people all over the world mark the festival, which signifies a fresh start at the end of winter.

Mrs Zhang and her family recently moved to the UK from China and her two daughters now attend the school.

The Gad’s class tasted some delicious home-cooked food, kindly prepared by Mrs Zhang, who explained that people spend time with their families and share feasts to welcome spring, during the 16 day celebration.

2020 is the Year of the Rat and the students learned that your Zodiac animal is said to impact on many aspects of your life, including health, career and relationships.  Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

At the end of a very informative and enjoyable lesson, Mrs Zhang presented each child with a red envelope, as is custom in Chinese society at New Year.  Traditionally, the envelopes are filled with money, to pass on a year of good fortunes and blessings, from elders to the younger generation.

Form tutor, Mrs Sarah Taylor, said:  “We have all learned so much today and feel very honoured to have been given an insight into a culture which many of us knew little about.

“Gad’s students learn about different communities and countries in class but having Mrs Zhang teach them personally is invaluable to their understanding and I am incredibly grateful to her.”


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