What better way to enjoy a book than reading it with a friend?

Year three classmates found out more about the weather, climate and famous novels on a recent visit to a Higham village library.

Form tutor, Mrs Ravinder Sandhu, said:  “The children really benefit from the wealth of resources available at our very own community library and especially enjoy sharing information about class topics together.

“By also choosing what they read, our students are building on their research and independent thinking abilities – and having a lot of fun finding out about new authors and stories and of course, how a library works.”

Gad’s Juniors regularly attend open learning sessions at the community learning hub, to help strengthen their reading and comprehension skills.  Students from years three to six, and their teachers, take the short stroll to the local library, as part of their English lessons.

During the hour-long stay, the 7-11 year-olds select a book and borrow it on their own library card and spend time sharing stories, before enjoying some quiet reading time.

Joining a library is free and gives members access to more than two million books, as well as eBooks, audiobooks and an online reference library.

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