Gad’s Seniors started the new term with a workshop on resilience, as part of the school’s ongoing commitment to students’ wellbeing.

GCSE students from years nine to eleven took part in a series of interactive sessions designed to provide students with the skills to become resilient to setbacks and adapt to adversity personally, academically and socially.

Education provider Positively Mad delivered the personal development workshop to the 13-16 year-olds, as well as discussion groups on study skills and revision strategies.

Alfie Mason, 15, from High Halstow, said:  “We learned how to look after our own mental health and develop a growth mindset through a series of activities and challenges.

“After, we tested the new techniques in lessons and our free time and all agreed the day boosted our confidence and helped us understand how to better manage stress, in and out of school.”

Gad’s termly wellbeing days see students go off-timetable and work with peers, teachers and visiting experts to celebrate being part of a happy and vibrant school.

The aim is the ‘Gad’s Family’ coming together to make sure everybody at the school feels part of a team and confident to try new things, while providing a safe and relaxed environment to continue to thrive and learn.

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