Our Junior students visited Ancient Egypt and travelled through an erupting volcano as part of virtual reality workshops, linked to their class studies.

Specialist education provider Prime VR, spent the day at Gad’s delivering interactive sessions to years three to six, complete with virtual reality headsets to allow the students to become immersed in completely different realities.

Our year three cohort was transported to Cairo, where they had a bird’s-eye view of The Pyramids of Giza, while year four classmates’ Tudors topic was brought with a tour of the Mary Rose.

J5 children journeyed to a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park as our oldest Juniors stepped back in time to a computer-generated trench in World War One.

Gad’s Juniors all agreed that the day was a great learning experience.  Eight year-old Tobias, said:  “I felt like I really was in Egypt and could almost touch The Great Sphinx, which we’ve learned about in class.

“We found out that The Great Pyramid of Khufu, was built using two million stone blocks and seeing them close up was amazing.”

After the workshops, excited students were keen to share their knowledge in the classroom.  Follow-up challenges included writing a diary entry from a survivor on board the Mary Rose or living in a trench to producing creative pieces on life in the Dynastic era and investigating facts about the world’s most fascinating natural disasters.

Expert educators from Prime VR, the UK’s leading virtual reality workshop provider, deliver a range of sessions, specifically tailored to match the learning outcomes of each KS2 class.

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