Two-year-olds Amelie and Felicity joined the Gad’s family this week, as they spent their first day in Nursery.

Today, the girls, and their classmates of two to four-year-olds, are continuing to discover more about Winter and are looking forward to a nature trail in Charles Dickens’ orchard, where the Nursery is set.

As well free-flow play, the children take part in teacher-led play experiences such as baking, cutting and collaging and hammering.  Today’s activities are designed to strengthen communication and fine motor skills and encourage independence.

Amelie has been particularly impressed with our school dinners.  After enjoying a roast and freshly baked Rocky Road in the dining hall yesterday, she is looking forward to today’s homemade Cottage Pie, as well as lots of fruit and juice breaks!

We wish our littlest learners, and all the other new children who started in Gad’s Kindergarten and Junior and Senior School this term, a very happy and healthy first week.

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