Our new Computer Science curriculum means students start their learning journey in Year one, providing the best start for a challenging three year GCSE course.

Seniors can choose to study Computer Science as a GCSE option from Year nine – with a 20 hour controlled assessment to complete in their final year, preparation can never start too early.

Gad’s Kindergarten children now have the opportunity to begin basic coding skills by developing their very own online games, before progressing to Python and HTML programming in the Junior School.  In Key Stage Three, Gad’s 11-14 year-olds continue to develop a wide range of computer based skills.

Taking Computer Science at GCSE is engaging and practical and encourages creativity and problem solving.  It challenges students to develop their understanding and application of core concepts.

At the end of last term, our Year 10 cohort was tasked with disassembling some old PCs, to give them first-hand knowledge of different components and how they work together.

Gadshillian editor, Mrs Nina Carr, would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Head of Computing, Miss Tanya Newman, for accidentally omitting the Computer Science page in the most recent Gadshillian publication.

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