Gad’s Seniors showcased their political prowess by hosting a Question Time in the school theatre today.

Year nine and ten ‘candidates’ represented the major parties and delivered convincing manifestos, ahead of the Gad’s mock election later this week.

All gave impressive speeches and held their own during pressing Q&A sessions, and even some heckling!

Nondas, 14, was playing the part of Boris Johnson and, although cleverly used rhetoric and audience participation, he didn’t shy away from some tough probing about knife crime, promising to ‘provide 20,000 more police officers and tackle all, not just knife, crime’.

Gad’s Ambassador, Finley, 15, is standing for the Labour Party and gave a notable response to criticism of racism in his camp, by insisting ‘any perceived discrimination will be stamped out as he  leads with a no tolerance and no excuses attitude’.

Liberal Democrat candidate Archie, 14, gave a sincere address to a tough crowd about his pledge to ‘recruit more teachers’ and his party’s commitment to ‘supporting lifelong learners’.

14-year-old Cathal, representing the Green Party, won over the Gad’s cohort with his rousing views on Brexit and focus on mental health awareness.

The students and staff of Gad’s Hill Senior School will cast their votes later this week, with the results announced in assembly on Friday.

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