Our Kindergarten and Junior children found out more about being a good friend by taking part in interactive workshops.

Touring theatre group ‘Shooting Stars Entertainment’, put on a series of age appropriate shows about anti-bullying in the school’s theatre.

The four to seven-year-olds watched, and joined-in with, the performances, which were packed with catchy songs and comedy sketches, with the main focus of how to be a good friend.

The aim of the shows is to teach young children to accept people for who they are and encourage them to feel confident in their own skins.

The children were shown methods to deal with bullying should it occur and the older students also learned how to stay safe online.

Year two teacher, Mr Mike Patey, said:  “The children really enjoyed the day and the information they gained will help build on our ongoing studies in Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC).

“We place great importance on friendship and happiness at Gad’s Hill and children are encouraged to be good and supportive friends.  The shows helped to reinforce these important messages in a fun, but educational way.”

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