Mrs Sandhu’s Junior class is celebrating 550 years since the birth of Guru Nanak today, by producing posters representing the Sikh faith.

The seven to eight-year-old classmates have been learning about the founder of the Sikhism and the religion’s principles, which include living honestly and working hard, treating everyone equally and being generous to those less fortunate than you.

Headmaster Mr Savage popped in to see the artwork and find out more about the special day and was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and understanding.

Together, they children are creating colourful drawings of Guru Nanak, who was born a Hindu in 1469 and, after disappearing for three days, when he was 30 years-old, reappeared and started preaching the Sikh faith.

He spent the rest of his life teaching, writing and travelling around the world to discuss religion with Muslims and Hindu.

The J3S form has been talking about how Sikhs all over the country commemorate today’s festival, ‘Guru Nanak Gurpurab’.  Together, communities visit their local places of worship, gurdwaras, which are decorated with flowers, flags and lights, very early in the morning, to honour Guru Nanak, by singing hymns, reading poems and listening to lectures on Sikhism.

Today’s humanities lesson sees the children come together to learn, and ask questions, about all different cultures and faiths.

The cohort is currently busy working on some very impressive artwork, which features a portrait of Guru Nanak himself and the sacred symbol of Sikhism, the Khanda, which represents belief in one God, without beginning or end.

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