Our Year nine and ten GCSE drama students took part in a whole day workshop with theatre group Frantic Assembly this week.

The UK touring company, set up 25 years ago, makes and delivers ‘brave and bold’ theatre and aims to ‘tell stories in a voice we don’t always hear and find talent in places we don’t always look.’

Year 10 student Sarah Din was part of the interactive session – read her report:

“Frantic sent one of their best, Felipe, who taught us techniques and skills, such as how to move quickly but calmly, that we will definitely use in the future.  We also studied a building block technique, by adding new layers to what we’ve already worked on.

To start, we warmed up.  Some could argue it was the least exiting bit of the day, seeing as it was the most physical, but this is where we learned how to listen to instruction and work with each other.

Next, we worked on our lifts.  This was both exiting and amusing because starting-off was a struggle, in fact a few classmates face planted!  When we all finally got the hang of it, it was so rewarding.  It was surprising to discover the flyer does most of the work as opposed of the lifter.

After ‘flying’, we progressed to my favourite part, ‘squeezing’!  This process involves picking a body part on a partner to squeeze, then creating a series of shifts between each one.  The result is almost like a dance where the movements create a story.

The last part of the day we focused on performing a ‘heartbreaker’.  This is where you mime that your heart has popped out and you have to react to what it may be doing, i.e. stretching, growing shrinking etc.  We mixed a number of people’s ideas, creating a very cool end product.

Overall, we felt very lucky to have experienced such a constructive and enlightening day.  Felipe inspired us to tackle devising pieces in a different more exhilarating ways.”

Fellow student Abi added:  “I really enjoyed how active the workshop was.  It wasn’t like any other drama I have done before and I now know lots of new techniques, which I’m excited to use in drama class.”

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