A new electric kiln will be used to create a tile mural of the whole school, thanks to continued fundraising by The Friends of Gad’s Hill.

Head of Junior Art, Mr John Waring, and members of the Kindergarten art club, designed and painted their very own self-portrait tiles, before firing them in the kiln, with some very impressive results.

Mr Waring said:  “We are very grateful to the Friends for the exciting addition to our art resources.

“The new equipment provides even more options for craft projects, both in lessons and after-school clubs.

“I look forward to supporting the children as they learn more about clay work and pottery, as well as working with them to construct our very own wall art.”

An electric kiln is a heating chamber used to transform materials at high temperatures.  Clay, when heated properly, becomes hard enough to form tiles and vessels.  Glazes fired over the clay become permanent decoration.


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