Our youngest Seniors have been finding out about GCSE PE in lessons, to help them decide if to take it as an option in Year nine.

PE teacher, Mrs Charlotte Jago, said:  “The three year course requires much more than just a love of sport.

“We want to provide Shell students with an insight into the subject content before they choose PE as an option – and what better way to do so by incorporating it into our regular practical sessions.

“Introducing theory in a practical environment makes learning more relevant and relatable.

“I have been very impressed with how enthusiastic and engaged the Year seven classes have been and look forward to mentoring them as they move up through the Senior school and start to think about exams, further education and career choices.”

Modules studied at GCSE PE include Applied Anatomy & Physiology, which looks at the long and short-term effects of exercise; Physical Training, covering health and safety and sports injuries and treatments and Performance Analysis, which details personal exercise programmes.

The syllabus also requires evidence of physical progress, with many students opting for rock climbing, table tennis, trampolining and basketball, all sporting disciplines provided by the school.

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