Gad’s students will be cooking more hearty dishes this term in Food and Nutrition lessons – to take home and enjoy with their friends and families.

Parents often comment on how delicious the recipes are and what a treat it is not to have to cook dinner!

Last term’s family favourites included our Year 10 GCSE cohort’s pear and blackcurrant crostata, which showcased the 14-15-year-olds’ pastry decorating and finishing skills, as well as building-on their knowledge of fruit preparation.

Meanwhile, our Year eight classes delighted parents with a savoury rice dish.  The classmates worked in groups to practice their cutting skills, while learning about knife safety.  Together the 12-13 year-olds saw classroom theory put into workshop practice as they mastered heat transfer methods.  The highlight of the session was choosing from, and preparing, a wide variety of vegetables to flavour the rice.

Head of Food and Nutrition, Miss Rachael Baker said:  “Taking a meal home that you have created with your own hands is a real achievement but what I am most impressed with, and proud of, is how the Gad’s students are learning essential life skills in the kitchen that they will continue to use beyond their school years.”

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