Our Kindergarten children took part in fun activities designed to help them understand and deal with  their emotions this week.

Today is World Mental Health Day – an opportunity for everybody to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate against social stigma.

Gad’s four to seven-year olds worked together to create mindful arts and crafts as well as joining teachers for a yoga session.

Head of Kindergarten, Mrs Victoria Grant, said:  “Talking about our feelings is very important.  We discussed what to do when we feel sad, angry, anxious or scared and how talking to a friend, parent or teacher can help.”

Working in groups, the students made glitter mind jars to show how emotions can be mixed up and then calm down.  The cohort also crafted their very own rain sticks and found out about the therapeutic benefits of soothing sounds.

The children learned how to relax their bodies, by practising yoga, which boosts physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

The last interactive workshop of the day was to share lengths of wool to show how everybody at Gad’s may be similar or different but are all connected.

Mrs Grant continued:  “We want to make sure our children develop the skills they need to have a healthy mind and body.  We all benefited from a day of focusing on our own, and others’, wellbeing and look forward to running another day dedicated to improving mental and physical health in the future.”


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