Children as young as seven put on a concert celebrating what they have learned in Gad’s music lessons and before and after-school clubs, since the start of this academic year.

More than 100 Gad’s Juniors and Seniors performed a variety of instrumental and vocal pieces, showcasing the impressive musical progress they have made in just six weeks.

Gad’s Director of Music Mr John Stone said:  “It was a wonderful evening and all the students played and sang brilliantly, supported as always by their proud parents, teachers and peers.

“Our musicians range not only in age but ability and experience, and for some this was their first recital.

“The comradery between the Gadshillians is uplifting – each child has something special to bring, be that their first tentative strike of a marimba or a complex and challenging routine, honed from years of practice.”

Highlights of the event included Year three’s vocal interpretation of traditional chidren’s hymn, ‘Peace like a river’ with accompanying marimba, and a rousing rendition of Zimbabwean gospel song ‘Kgapotso’, from members of the Gad’s Marimba club.

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