Junior scientists dissected an ox heart, as part of this term’s studies on how the human body works.

The nine to ten-year-olds learned how the animal’s heart, which is almost identical to a human one, pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system.

Together, the classmates found out more about the anatomy of the mammal’s major organ and how it supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, just like a human heart does.

The children were intrigued to discover their own hearts are about the same size as their fists and understood why studying the ox’s 5kg heart allowed them to see the structure more clearly.

Head of Junior Science, Mrs Agnieszka Piszczek, said:  “Seeing a heart in real life really helps students understand the complexities of the vital organ’s chambers and valves.

“I was very impressed with how mature and involved the class was.  Some of the children even donned gloves to feel the texture and assist with the dissection.”

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