Students as young as four, gathered for a Gad’s breakfast meeting this morning to talk about things that matter to them and their classmates.

The Gad’s Hill School Council is made-up of representatives from each class in the Kindergarten and Junior School and today was their first official get together of the new term.

Year six teacher, Mrs Joanne Titler, said:  “The children take their council responsibilities very seriously and enjoy discussing ideas on how to provide activities and resources for the whole school to enjoy.”

Seven-year-old Lily, who has only just started at Gad’s, came prepared with a list of suggestions to debate and Year six student George chaired the meeting and took minutes.

Year three teacher, Mrs Ravinder Sandhu added:  “It was lovely to see the students work together to make our school an even happier place to learn at.”

The members earn their place on the council by being voted for by peers and are responsible for gathering and presenting friends’ opinions and recommendations.

Plans for this term include hosting a fund-raising movie night and installing more water fountains around the school, to cut down on the use of plastic cups.

After a very successful meeting, each child was given a notebook to jot down ideas in between meetings.  The Year six students spent break time with the Kindergarten council cohort explaining when and how to use the book.

On behalf of all the children, Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Titler would like to thank the Gad’s catering team for providing bacon rolls and Danish pastries, which ‘went down a treat’.

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