Our GCSE Food and Nutrition students’ cookery skills have been tested this term as they progress to more complex culinary challenges.

The Year 10 cohort successfully produced Swiss rolls with little or no cracking – considered a complex task to master by the examination board.

The 14-15 year-olds will demonstrate compulsory food preparation key skills and multiple cooking techniques, as well as learn about food science, safety and choice during the three year course.

As a group, the students are currently studying the nutritional profile of children, with the aim of creating a range of dishes featuring fruit and vegetables to encourage youngsters to follow the NHS recommendations in the Eatwell Guide.

Meanwhile, our Year nine classmates have been learning about the process of gelatinisation (the thickening of starch in the presence of moisture and heat) while making macaroni cheese.

Together, they are studying how to make informed choices about food, to ensure a varied and balanced diet.  So far this term, in practical lessons, the 13-14 year-olds have made Quiche Lorraine, and sausage plait as well as the pasta dish.

Grateful and proud parents continue to email teachers Miss Baker and Miss Tucker to thank them for the delicious family dinners!  Next week’s bakes are banana crumble muffins for the younger set and a chance for the Y10s to perfect their homemade flaky pastry with a sausage plait.

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