Our Year eight classes are competing to be kitchen champions in their first cooking lessons of the term.

Yesterday, Mr McDowell’s form prepped, cooked and served cheddar and courgette muffins and today, Ms Bissett’s tutees will take on the cheesy challenge.

Department Head, Miss Rachael Baker, said:  “Healthy competition combined with healthy food is always a winning combination!

“The cohort is developing their nutritional knowledge, key cooking skills and ability to work as a team – and the results so far have been very impressive.

“Students are kick starting their studies with a thumbs up from me – the muffins were delicious and the L4M classmates struggled not to eat them all before our picture was taken!”

The 12-13-year-olds will take on more complex tasks and food science investigations in regular Food and Nutrition sessions throughout the year.

Watch this space for an update on how L4B get on with their first culinary task later today.

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