Gad’s Juniors invited students from Shorne Church of England Primary School to an athletic tournament in their school grounds, to celebrate sportsmanship.

The informal meet saw more than 50 children from years three to six take part in track and field events on the Gad’s games field.

Competitors were challenged to a variety of individual and team tasks, including long and short distance races and a rounders and cricket ball ‘throw off’,

Gad’s PE teacher, Miss Sarah Ellis, said: “It was a lovely day and the children really enjoyed welcoming new friends to our school.

“Sport is all about working together, trying your hardest and having a go at new things. The healthy competition between the schools was evident but even clearer was how well the children supported each other throughout the day.”

After, Gad’s catering team prepared a team tea for parents, children and teachers from both schools.

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