Gad’s youngest athletes competed in interactive sporting activities to help win points for their Houses at this year’s KG sports day.

Children from our Nursery to Year two classes took turns jumping, running and balancing their way round the track as they took part in team races such as ‘Bean Bag Balance’, ‘Catch the Ball Relay’ and of course traditional favourite, ‘Egg and Spoon Race’.

As well as completing obstacle courses, the 3-7 year-olds all had a chance to sprint against classmates.

Head of PE, Mrs Julia Gunnill, who retires next week after 26 years at Gad’s, said: “It’s always lovely to welcome so many supportive Gad’s families.

“Most importantly, the children really enjoyed themselves but it’s also an important event to help build teamwork skills, improve co-ordination and, of course, support each other.”

Parents and friends were entertained by the Gad’s cheerleading Junior cheerleading squad, who performed upbeat routines after being coached by Junior teacher Mrs Titler at an after-school club last term.

Well done to overall winner Beatty, closely followed by Wellington then Haig.


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