Ahead of our Year 6’s visit to Medway Magistrates’ Court tomorrow, read Head of Junior School, Mrs Cullen’s report on Gad’s ‘Law, Politics and Finance’ workshop, which was part of the Junior’s recent enrichment week:

As we considered the content of Enrichment Week, we knew our objective was to provide children with real-life topics and skills to prepare them for life. Law, Politics and Finance give children the knowledge with which to have a better understanding of the world and a more mature outlook.

Finance was divided into two areas of learning: domestic money management and the economy.

The best way to learn is to do and with this in mind, the children were tasked with planning and organising an event within a set budget. This developed an understanding of the value of money and how to evaluate and amend in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Children also learnt about the role of banks and how interest rates create an income for Banks. They learnt the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money and the difference between credit and debit cards.

The rights of the individual and equality were considered as children considered the role of politics in living a fair and just life. Children became familiar with the term “democracy” and how ordinary people can make their voices heard by voting for a political party. They looked at the purpose of the House of Commons and the House of Lords before presenting their own suggestions for new laws and defending their ideas in a mock-debate.

In the second workshop on politics, children learnt about King John, the history of Parliament and the reasons for the Magna Carta.

All children received a Parliament booklet to help them understand further this important element of life.

We were very fortunate to have Mr Crowhurst, parent to Harry and criminal solicitor to talk to the children about law. The children had great fun undertaking various roles in court and holding mock trials with who else but the teachers as the defendants.

I am delighted to see today’s enrichment workshops contributing to the overall success of the week.

Throughout the school there are children brimming with enthusiasm, eager to tell me what they have been learning.




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