Yesterday we welcomed new students and their families to find out more about life at Gad’s.

The school’s induction day gives children joining Gad’s, or moving-up from Nursery to Kindergarten, Kindergarten to Juniors or Juniors to Seniors, an opportunity to spend time with new friends and meet teachers during interactive learning sessions and activities.

All Gad’s students are involved in the annual event, with each Year group experiencing what to expect in the next academic year and of course, who their teacher, and classmates, will be.

The Shell 2019 classes are a mix of Y6 students from Gad’s and other schools. Together, they took part in physical and mental team building workshops, as well traditional timetabled lessons such as Spanish, computing and music.

Head of Senior School, Mr Jack Tyler, said: “Starting a new school can be a daunting time, for children and parents.

“Our induction builds on contact days we hold throughout the year with the aim making sure every child, new or existing, feels confident and comfortable about the forthcoming chapter in their school life.”

At the end of the day, parents were invited to join the children for a tour of the House, buffet supper and informal meet-and-greet of the Gad’s team.

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