Our Year three class spent a day ‘in’ a local river to help with the term’s Geography topic.

The seven to eight-year-olds have been learning about weather and the water cycle and travelled to Horton Kirby Environmental Centre to take part in their first field study skills day.

The classmates ventured into the River Darent to measure the flow and depth and completed a series of ‘hands on’ activities including creating their own land on which to develop a river and using microscopes to investigate the permeability of rocks.

Class teacher, Mrs Ravinder Sandhu, said: “What better way to learn about a river than actually getting in it!”

“We have been studying the human and physical features of rivers in class and in the Gad’s Forest School. Our tour guides, and myself, were very impressed by my form’s existing knowledge and enthusiasm for the interactive workshops.”

Good weather, great friends, an al fresco lunch and a game of Pooh Sticks made Y3’s first field trip a very enjoyable one – here’s to many more!

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