Children in Mrs Piszczek’s form are learning more about children from other countries since writing to students from a school in Poland.

The Year four classmates regularly pen letters to peers at primary school SP 19 Włocławek in central Poland.

Mrs Piszczek has been particularly impressed with how the Gad’s children have embraced the concept of being a pen pal:

“My class enjoys thinking of questions about hobbies and lifestyles that will help them find out more about Polish traditions and culture.

“They really look forward to receiving hand-written responses from their counterparts across the North and Baltic seas and sharing news about life at Gad’s.

“Once the letters are ready to send, complete with beautiful drawings, the Gad’s students proudly post them and eagerly await a reply.

The pen pal scheme was originally started three years ago to help improve Polish students’ English language skills and proves a popular pursuit with Mrs Piszczek’s form year on year.


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