Congratulations to Year 10 mathematicians Anna and Karenth, who scored the highest student marks after taking part in a national online challenge to celebrate National Numeracy Day.

Head of Maths, Mr Richard Harris, reported both students achieved an impressive 93% in the annual quiz, which aims to improve the UK’s number skills:

“Maths is an important part of everyday life and the informal assessment is really helpful in identifying and improving any learning gaps.

“It’s never too late to brush-up on your arithmetic or problem-solving, so I challenge you to take the interactive quiz, to check your mental maths ability.

“Gad’s Seniors, and staff, have had a go, so it’s only fair parents do too!”

National Numeracy Day was set up last year after a survey revealed nearly 40% of people struggle when it comes to doing basic sums.

These included trying to calculate exchange rates on holiday currency, working out how an annual percentage change affects the payment due on a loan or credit card repayment, and checking they have been taxed the right amount on their pay slip.

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