Our Year nine Geography class spent a day in the capital carrying-out a case study before taking a trip on the UK’s tallest and longest tunnel slide!

The cohort found out more about the social, economic and environmental impacts of regeneration at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park first-hand, as part of their research into regeneration and sustainable design for the GCSE Urban unit.

On an official site tour, they learned about the ecological balance and natural resources of the Tri-generation District Energy Project, which produces heat, electricity and chilled water.

The highlight of the day was a turn, or two!, on the 178 metre slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which features 12 twists and turns while providing a stunning panorama of London.

Before braving the slide, students were able to view the whole of the site and see continuing developments in infrastructure and housing currently taking place.

The impressive sculpture travels through light and dark sections and ends with a 50 metre straight-run to the ground. In the exhilarating 40-second trip, riders are expected to hit speeds of up to 15 miles per hour!

In the afternoon, students took part in a (very wet!) coached introduction session to BMX at the Velopark, giving them the opportunity to not only view the sustainable long-term features of the site’s design but to actually take part and experience it for themselves.

Head of Geography, Dr Stephanie Burke, reported receiving a very pleasing email from one student’s parent later that day saying her son couldn’t stop talking about the trip!

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