Our Y10 Geography students will continue to build-on facts and figures found out on a recent fieldtrip today – helping to bring a double lesson on a Friday afternoon to life!

The GCSE students recently took part in a three-day residential trip to Juniper Hall Fieldstudy Centre near Dorking. While there, the 13-strong cohort carried-out a physical geography investigation into the changing cross-profiles of the River Tillingbourne and a human geography review of the impact of urban sprawl within and outside of London’s greenbelt.

Juniper Hall is an established research centre with specialist staff and equipment for conducting geographical and biological investigations. This is the third consecutive years Gad’s students have completed the compulsory fieldwork elements of the GCSE Geography course.

Head of Geography, Doctor Burke, said: “The students worked hard and their behaviour was of the highest standard, really doing Gad’s proud.”

Field work is the process of observing and collecting data about people, cultures, and natural environments. It involves students studying geography outside the classroom – observing, questioning, planning, collecting, recording, evaluating, representing, analysing, concluding, communicating, reflecting and responding.

The students will be tested on their investigations as part of Paper 3, ‘Geographical Applications’ in the final GCSE examinations at the end of U5.

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