Two Y7 students challenged classmates to raise money for charity as part of their curricular studies on relationships, values and attitudes.

Shell R’s Ava B. and Charlotte B. ran a treasure hunt for their class, after being tasked with organising a fundraiser and donating to a charity of their choice in SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) lesson.

The friends, both 11, set a series of clues and trials around the school grounds, with fellow students commending the pair on their ‘creative skills’, ‘very professional set-up’ and ‘fun event for a great cause’.

Form tutor, Mrs Chenaie Roberts, who is now on maternity leave, said: “As always, Ava and Charlotte really embraced the brief set and I am super proud of what they achieved.

“The girls did a great job pitching their project to, and engaging with, their peers and in doing so learned more about managing finances and giving to others.”

The end-result saw a sizeable monetary donation to the RSPA and an equally impressive chocolate contribution to treasure hunt winner Cayde B.!

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