A Gad’s student entertained more than 100 local people at a musical showcase in Higham – before inviting them to try the school’s flagship instrument for themselves.

11-year-old Sophie Fry, who lives in the village, performed a solo recital on Marimba for the members of HiARA (Higham Active Retirement Association) at the memorial hall.

Invited by HiARA Chairperson, Mrs Elizabeth Jeffery, Sophie was joined by Gad’s Director of Muisc, Mr John Stone, who was on-hand to explain more about the Marimba, a percussion instrument consisting of a set of wooden bars struck with mallets to produce musical tones.

Mrs Jeffery said: “We were delighted to welcome Sophie and Mr Stone to the meeting and our members really enjoyed the show.

“Sophie is a very talented player and her musical medley was so well-received we have asked her to come back and play again soon.”

Mr Stone said: “Music is a big part of life at Gad’s. Whether it be putting-on celebration concerts in our theatre, supporting our Junior and Senior drama productions or attending neighbourhood events like today, our students embrace the power of music and the pleasure it brings to so many people in the Gad’s community.”

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