Kindergarten children from Gad’s put on a show for parents to celebrate successfully completing the first part of a national gymnastics programme.

The 5-6-year-old Year one classmates performed a series of floor exercises and routines as part of British Gymnastic’s Core Proficiency Gymnastics Award scheme.

PE teacher Mrs Charlotte Jago, said: “The children were so proud to demonstrate the core skills they have been practising so well in class – and I am very proud of their effort and focus.

“Parents were impressed by their strength and flexibility but most of all by their team work and enthusiasm.”

The cohort’s display featured the use of ribbons in the rhythmic gymnastics section, walking on tiptoes and jumping off a bench to show balance and agility and the crowd-pleasing ‘bunny hop’, which tested the youngsters’ co-ordination.

In Year two, the children will progress onto the next level which involves working with a partner, more challenging stretches and manoeuvres and even press-ups!

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