Gad’s Seniors’ acting, singing and dancing talents were showcased on the school’s purpose-built theatre in their annual musical last night.

The 50-strong cast’s interpretation of Disney Channel’s smash hit movie ‘High School Musical’ saw students from Years 7-11 come together to perform to proud parents, classmates, teachers and friends of the school.

While the leads were played by GCSE drama students, Gad’s youngest Senior, Caitlin Elliott, 11, from Rochester played supporting actress, pianist Kelsi Willow Nielsen.

This is Caitlin’s first performance with Gad’s and she was thrilled to take the part: “My favourite hobby is performing arts and drama is my favourite lesson so I was excited to audition.

“I’ve learned so much from the older students and hope to be part of the Gad’s show every year.”

Captain of the basketball team, Troy, played by Gad’s Head Boy, and super intelligent shy transfer student Gabriella, along with the students and staff of East High, gave a convincing portrayal of life at ‘East High’.

Drama teacher Mrs Chenaie Roberts commended the young actors on their commitment and enthusiasm: “The children have really captured the lives and loves of an all-American high school.

“Together, they made the audience laugh, with their impeccable comedy-timing; embrace the emotion of first love with their heart-felt dramatics and engage by way of telling the story with some incredible vocals.

“I am exceptionally proud – their hard work and dedication never falters.”

Headmaster Mr Paul Savage, Said: “We are incredibly lucky at Gad’s to have such a professional production team – our drama teacher and choreographer are both well practised in treading the boards and our older students shadow our technology team meaning they are able to be part of the show off-set too.

“But the unsung heroes are, and always have been, our staff, parent helpers and students who have given up so much of their time making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

“And seeing so many of our students in the crowd with their families, as well as former pupils and the many friends of the school was wonderful – a huge thank you to everyone for helping to make our school about so much more than just good results.”

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