A recent visit to Body Worlds has boosted our Juniors’ understanding of the anatomy and made Biology lessons really come to life.

Accompanied by teachers and parent helpers, the 9-10-year-olds spent a day at the London museum. The dissections exhibit features preserved human beings with the aim of educating the public about the body’s inner workings and the effects of healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.

Back at school, Science teacher Mrs Agnieszka Piszczek continues to be impressed by the Year five cohort’s enriched knowledge and enthusiasm to question their findings and find out more about how their bodies work.

Yesterday the children took part in a life-saving course run by Gad’s CCF Contingent Commander, Major Mark Lamb. They were able to identify many body organs and talk confidently about the respiratory system.

Head of Junior School and Year five form tutor, Mrs Glynda Cullen said: “My class never fails to amaze me.

“The Body Worlds tour is one I’m sure they will never forget and what they took away from the day was both fascinating and invaluable.

“Seeing creator Dr Gunther von Hagen’s plastination techniques, used to preserve biological tissues, first-hand allowed the children to see the human body, and work together, as they never have before.

The nervous system, digestive system and skeletal system were laid bare before them as they worked side-by-side searching for answers in their challenging workbooks, patiently listening to each other’s ideas and sharing an amazing learning experience.”

The accompanying parents, many with a medical background, were very impressed with the knowledge the children already took with them from their Science lessons with Mrs Pisczcek, who challenged the class to complete a Key Stage 3 booklet rather than the age appropriate Key Stage 2 one – a task they relished and completed together.

Mrs Cullen is grateful for the many complimentary messages, about the children’s exemplary behaviour and the wonderful, and much enjoyed, learning opportunity, she has received from both the Body Worlds team and J5 parents and concluded: “We all enjoyed a superb day with a class to be proud of.”








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