Kindergarten students at Gad’s Hill School celebrated Chinese New Year by inviting a Doctor from the National Pig Association to their Animal club.

Senior Policy Advisor, Dr Georgina Crayford, joined the 5-7 year-olds at Gad’s weekly after-school club, to help them learn more about pigs.

Dr Crayford explained how she helped farmers look after pigs and answered questions from the inquisitive cohort, who learn about a different animal each week.

The children ‘squealed’ with excitement when Dr Crayford showed them photographs of some piglets and especially enjoyed finding out about different breeds and what they ate.

Head of Kindergarten, Miss Victoria Wilson, said: “The children love to learn and talk about animals and to meet an industry expert was a real treat.

“Dr Crayford was very impressed by their knowledge, and questions, which included: ‘What is the difference between a pig and a Guinea pig?’; ‘Do you have to study for a long time to be able to look after pigs?’: ‘Why aren’t all pigs pink?’”.

The Gad’s group was fascinated to discover that pigs are very clean and have separate sleeping and eating areas in their stys.

Miss Wilson continued: “Our after-school activities are always well-attended but Amimal club is proving very popular with boys and girls eager to understand more about all kinds of animals and pets.”

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