Twelve Junior and Senior musicians have been selected to play at the Gad’s Spring Music Festival after receiving the most teacher votes at the Developing Musicians Concert, which showcased the talents of more than 40 children.

The Gad’s staff had the unenviable task of scoring each student on their technical ability and expressive quality.

All Gad’s Juniors and Seniors were encouraged to take part, regardless of experience or skill.  This made marking even more of a responsibility as some had just begun their musical journey where others had years of practice.

Director of Music Mr John Stone collated the results and announced the six Juniors and six Seniors who will go on to perform at the celebration concert in March.

He was delighted to see such a diverse range of instruments feature in the final line-up, including drums, piano, marimba, guitar and clarinet as well as vocal recitals.

Mr Stone proudly announced the finalists in assembly:  Sofia C-B. (drums, Y5);  Sophie F. (marimaba, Y6);  Louisa H. (marimba, Y5);  Eva S. (voice, Y6);  Martha S. (piano, Y6);  Isabelle T. (voice, Y4);  Isabelle B. (marimba, Y9);  Toby F. (drums, Y7);  Emillia G. (guitar, Y9);  Fionn M. (clarinet, Y7);  Eve S-B. (voice, Y11);  Holly T. (drums, Y9).

Well done to all performers at the Spring Music Concert, as Mr Stone said:  “It takes a great deal of courage to perform to an audience, even a friendly one!”

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