Juniors join the ChriSTEM Carousel

Our Juniors are taking part in practical challenges today as part of this week’s festive fun.

Working together, the classmates will take turns to test their investigative, problem solving and lateral thinking skills – all tasks are, of course, sprinkled with plenty of Christmas cheer!

Head of Juniors, Mrs Cullen, said: “The aim is for children to have an enjoyable, practical day that has sound educational value and will develop teamwork.

Throughout the day, classes will visit Junior classrooms to complete different Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities, including:

Christmas tree decorations – using balloons, students will investigate how to decrease and increase static electricity before making tree decorations by layering sparkling yarn soaked in a PVA and water mix. When dry, the balloons are burst and what is left are delicate structures to adorn any discerning Yuletide tree.

Tower of Strength – children will be challenged with designing the tallest, strongest structure for Santa to land his sleigh on. They will then use cocktail sticks and plasticine to build a model of the structure and test their design.

Christmas Candy Investigation – pupils need to predict the outcome of candy being submerged in water, oil, vinegar and warm water. They then carry-out the experiment measuring and recording the outcome at regular intervals.

Santa’s Helper – Santa has stumbled on a huge problem! Due to the globally expanding population, he is unable to land his sleigh and deliver all of the presents in the traditional manner. The children are tasked with designing a safe way for the presents to arrive safely that enables Santa to throw the presents down the chimney as his sleigh passes over the many roofs. They will be offered a variety of materials to use. These will be tested using raw eggs thrown from a reasonable height.

Properties of materials – children will be investigating the properties of natural materials and developing their Scientific Vocabulary. Using their findings, they will select materials to create a Christmas tree decoration.


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