A Gad’s student has been awarded ‘Collector of the Year’ for his impressive array of ‘all things tortoise-related’.

Cameron Jarvis, 11, from Hempstead, won £200 after the breadth of his collection and enthusiasm for his subject were recognized by judges of Kent Life’s first ‘Collector of the Year’ competition.

The Year seven has been commended by his Gad’s form tutor, Mr Paul Wadey, and plans to spend the prize money on cabinets for his growing collection and, of course, trophy.

Mr Wadey said: “We are all very proud of Cameron’s success.

“At Gad’s we celebrate our children’s personal achievements both within and outside the classroom and to have such an inspiring collection is testament to Cameron’s thirst for knowledge and ongoing commitment to learning.”

Cameron’s love of the popular land reptile started after reading Roald Dahl’s novel ‘Esio Trot’, which features a small pet tortoise called Alfie.

From a young age, he began amassing cuddly toys and action figures – it soon evolved into more exotic pieces, including his very own pet tortoise.

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