Our Years one and two children took part in Autumnal activities at the local farm last week, as part of this term’s Harvest topic – and today, TV Presenter Chris Packham has said that all primary schools should be “twinned” with farms, so children can understand how their food is produced.

The naturalist highlighted the idea in his newly launched ‘People’s Manifesto for Wildlife’, an initiative aimed at improving British wildlife and environment.

The manifesto states: “Children who grow their own fruit and veg and cook it are more likely to eat it: they will understand where it comes from, will feel a sense of achievement and will be excited to eventually see it on their plate.”

The 5-7-year-old Gadshillains took the short stroll to Gad’s Hill Farm to talk to farmer Mr Warnett and learn more about the orchard.

Year two form tutor, Mr Mike Patey, said: “Visiting, and working with, the farm is a long-standing tradition at Gad’s.

“We are very fortunate to be so close to a small arable and fruit farm, and to have such a strong working connection with Mr Warnett.”

The classmates found out how apples and pears are harvested before working in pairs to complete a fun quiz on the season and fruit.

As always, the highlight of the trip was when the children’s beautiful behaviour was rewarded and they were invited to pick and pear and eat it.


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