Our Senior Leadership Team comprises teachers with a wealth of experience in the classroom and the day-to-day running of a school.

Tonight we welcome parents of our brand new students, from Nursery to Seniors, to meet all of our subject teachers and form tutors to find out more about life at Gad’s and our Headmaster’s plans for the future.

Along with our prefects and members of our parents’ association, the ‘Friends of Gad’s, Mr Savage and his team looks forward to hearing how each child is settling in and answering any questions parents, or children, may have.

So, if new parents aren’t able to make tonight, they’ll be sure to see the Gad’s Senior leaders every morning greeting the children – come rain or shine!

Gad’s Hill Headmaster, Mr Paul Savage, congratulates a GCSE student on his outstanding exam results


Director of Studies, Mrs Stephanie Burke, at Gad’s Senior prize giving ceremony


Head of Senior School, Mr Jack Tyler, welcomes new Year 7 pupils


Head of Junior School, Mrs Glynda Cullen, celebrates at sports day


Head of Kindergarten, Miss Victoria Wilson, joins in with Harvest celebrations

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