A 13-strong cohort of Gad’s Senior cadets was invited to represent the school at a commemorative celebration in Holland.

The Year 11 students, accompanied by contingent staff, travelled to Arnhem to take part in the 72nd Airborne parade.

The annual march, Gad’s 5th in attendance, commemorates the Battle of Arnhem, where more than 1,700 British and Polish soldiers died.

The Gad’s team joined more than 30,000 other cadets from all over Europe, as well as many VIPs and military and civilian dignitaries, in the 15 kilometre march.

All successfully completed the route and were rewarded medals for their achievement.

Gad’s base was Dutch Army Barracks, Harskamp, from where the classmates visited airbourne drop zone Ginkel Heath, the Airborne Museum and the Arnhem Oosterbeek Airborne cemetery to honour the 1759 fallen soldiers by laying a wreath.

Contingent Commander Major Mark Lamb said: “Our cadets worked hard to deserve their place on this most meaningful of tributes.

“We have all taken away a greater sense of understanding and deep appreciation of what took place here and how it contributed to the freedom we now all take for granted – I am so proud of them all.”

Major Lamb went on to thank staff in attendance, WOII Lavery, Captain Godding, 2nd Lieutenant Lamb and former Head Boy and Head of CCF, CSM Matt Dwyer, for their sterling efforts. He also praised Gad’s parents for their continued support.

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