An article written by Year 4 student Florence Page…

On Friday 6th July, an excited lucky group of Junior children travelled to London to spend one night at the Natural History Museum.

We passed through security safely and quickly before unpacking our bags.

Our first activity was the science show, all about sharks around the world – it was very educational and fun to learn about their curious behaviour!

Sharks are actually quite misunderstood, as they are in fact kind creatures.

After a quick snack, we went to Dino Design, where we learned how to draw dinosaurs properly.  We copied our designs onto t-shirts and called them ‘Dino Snores’!

As evening turned to night in the museum, we embarked upon a dark torch-lit trail; this was my favourite part of the trip.  We walked around the dinosaur exhibition trying to find the name and skeleton of a dinosaur.  We found it!  It was called Edmontosaurus.  We also saw an animatronic dinosaur.

After answering a few questions about the Edmontosaurus, we quickly got ready for bed.  Getting to sleep was tricky as we were so excited!

The next day, we watched a live animal show with Amimal Man!  He brought bugs, reptiles, fluffy animals and much more.  My favourite was the Meerkat.

It really was one of the best trips ever!

But the question that is still on everybody’s lips is:  ‘do-you-think-he-saurus?’




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