Duty Manager – Mrs Gurteen

8.45am – Senior assembly

Duty Form – L5W


Today’s menu

Chicken/veggie Tikka, rice

Jacket potato

Angel Delight


Today’s clubs

3.20-4pm – KG Science club, Junior Science Lab. – CANCELLED

4-5pm – Junior homework/chess club, M14

4-5pm – Senior and Remove homework club, P2

4-5pm – Junior Science club, Junior Science Lab. – CANCELLED

4-5pm – Rifle club, old school hall

4-5pm – Coding club, P3

4-5pm – Authors’ club

4-5pm – Maths club – CANCELLED

4-5pm – DT club, P4

4-5pm – Senior and Remove fencing club, sports hall

4-5pm – Junior choir club, music room – CANCELLED

4-5pm – Baseball club, school field

4.15-4.45pm – Karate club

4.45-5.15pm – Karate club







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