Gad’s Hill Headmaster Mr David Craggs joined his GCSE students to etch his name on the school roof, as part of a leavers’ tradition, started in 1924.

Mr Craggs, 55, has run the school since 2000 and retires at the end of this term.

Every summer the Year 11s go up on the old school roof, with the Headmaster and their teachers, to score their monikers alongside hundreds of old Gadshillians’.

The tradition started when Gad’s, which was the former home of Charles Dickens, was opened as a girls’ school 94 years ago and classmates and siblings have been making their mark ever since.

Mr Craggs said: “Our roof plays host to an array of former pupils’ and teachers’ names dating back over the years.

“Where you make your mark is very important – year-on-year, the children rise to the challenge of searching for older brothers and sisters, and leaving a space for future family members.

“Our students leave Gad’s as confident individuals ready for the next step in their education and to have their name inscribed atop of where they have been taught is a fitting tribute to their time here.”

His successor, current Head of Senior School, Mr Paul Savage, 37, has worked alongside Mr Craggs throughout the academic year to ensure a smooth transition:

“Gad’s is a happy and successful community and I look forward to leading it from strength to strength in the future.

“The opportunities we can offer include small classes and many extra-curricular activities but it’s the safe and nurturing environment that ensures pupils achieve their full potential.”

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