Seniors students from Gad’s Hill spent time at a trampoline park as part of the independent school’s wellbeing scheme.

Students from Years seven to ten took part in physical activities, testing their agility, reflexes and most importantly team work skills at ‘Soar’.

PE teacher and fencing coach Miss Sarah Ellis, who organised the event said:  “Being happy and healthy in and out of school is a very important part of life at Gad’s.”

Gad’s has its own wellbeing committee, made up of teacher-supported groups:  body; mind; spirit; people; place and planet.

Termly wellbeing events were introduced last year and to date have seen children working together for the benefit of the school and wider community on projects such as building a pond in the school grounds and taking part in outreach and mindfulness workshops.

Year 10 student and Computer subject leader, Joseph Farrell, 15, from Shorne, said:  “It was great to spend time with friends and take a break from homework and revision.

“We competed against different year groups, siblings and even teachers and I was made up to be undefeated on the ‘Battle Beam’.”

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