Our Years nine and ten Geography pupils spent a day in the capital researching a sustainable redevelopment case study, before taking a trip on the UK’s tallest and longest tunnel slide!

The 26-strong group found out more about the social, economic and environmental impacts of regeneration at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park first-hand.

On an official site tour, they learned about the ecological balance and natural resources of the Tri-generation District Energy Project, which produces heat, electricity and chilled water.

They also visited the Velodrome and took-in the views of the parklands and waterways.

The highlight of the day was a turn, or two!, on the 178 metre slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which features 12 twists and turns while providing a stunning panorama of London.

The impressive sculpture travels through light and dark sections and ends with a 50 metre straight-run to the ground.  In the exhilarating 40-second trip, riders are expected to hit speeds of up to 15 miles per hour!

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