Gad’s Seniors represented the school in a county-wide maths contest, which Head of Maths, Mr Harris described as “the toughest yet”.

The four-strong team from years eight and nine, battled against 19 other Kent schools at the South East regional UK Team Maths Challenge final.

Karenth, Amelia, Alfie and Ed took part in four rounds of extremely testing maths problems against some outstanding competitors.

Mr Harris said:   “Full credit to the Gad’s students, who worked so well together and showed some superb maths ability during the different tasks.

“I would put a lot of money on there being several future Oxford and Cambridge graduates in that room, and likely some future doctors, physicists and accountants, the standard was so very high.”

“Here is an example of one of the (easier – yes, easier) questions from the competition…

X% of y is (y-15) and y% of (x+30) is 50; work out the value of x + y

Answers on a postcard to Mr Harris please!

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