The Met Office is forecasting snow and severe cold temperatures  overnight on the evening of Sunday 25th into Monday 26th and onwards into Tuesday. This may well impact on the school’s ability to open and operate on our return after the half-term holiday. We don’t wish to close or restrict teaching however, sometimes we have little choice if staff or pupils simply can’t get into school or if our heating systems don’t cope.

We will be monitoring forecasts and ground conditions later on Sunday and may need to modify our operations on Monday accordingly. In the past we have, in extreme cases, had to close the school. We have also on occasions delayed opening to later in the morning to enable parents and pupils more time to get into school. Much will depend on the actual conditions.

I very much hope that school will open and operate as normal – though it is prudent for us to plan for eventualities. At this stage please plan for a normal Monday start. If it is necessary for us to implement some contingency plan then I will let you know as soon as we can so please monitor your e-mails, texts and the school website. If we are forced to close or to delay our opening hours then you will receive an e-mail or text from the school. A message will also appear on our website. If you don’t hear anything from the school then please assume that it is business as usual.

In the meantime I rather hope that the Met Office are being over cautious and we will be able to open and operate our school as normal on Monday.

I look forward to seeing you then.


David Craggs


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