Year 11 students at Gad’s Hill School have scored 100% in BTEC Music, months before the syllabus deadline.

The cohort was celebrated at the school’s Developing Musician’s Concert and Director of Music, Mr John Stone praised the classmates for their hard work and dedication.

He went on to congratulate them on such good role models for younger pupils:

“Being successful in music is about much more than just talent.

“It takes enthusiasm, commitment and above all else, practice.

“This particular group has worked tirelessly to achieve personal achievement, while still supporting and representing the school at events like tonight’s, which showcases the talents of all of our students.”

The concert saw almost fifty solo acts perform a variety of musical genres on instruments including drums, recorder and marimba, with many choosing a vocal recital.

Accompanied by Mr Stone on piano, the event is open to students from Years 2-11 and all are encouraged to take part, regardless of their experience or skill.

In between individual performances, the crowd was treated to a toe-tapping set from the school’s very own staff rock band as well as challenging repertoires from the Gad’s marimba and choir ensembles.

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