Yesterday, the Department for Education released the national GCSE data, which shows how well schools performed with their 2017 GCSE examinations.

Parents will hopefully be aware that there have been some changes to the GCSE system in the past couple of years. Most notably of these is that GCSE subjects are now graded using numbers and not letter grades. Now, a grade seven is worth an A.  A six is the equivalent of a B, a five is a good C and a 4 is a pass C and so-on.

How well a school performs is measured by a process called “Attainment 8”. To note: The headline measure for school’s this year is progress 8, however independent schools do not take part in this measure because we do not have KS2 data, therefore attainment 8 is the comparison method we can use.  This score is a measure of a pupil’s average grade across eight subjects.


GCSE Attainment 8 Scores

These are based on pupils’ performance score across eight GCSE subjects – this performance score is known as the “Attainment 8” score. Attainment 8 is a measure of each pupil’s average grades across a suite of eight GCSE subjects.

I am very pleased to say that according to the Department for Education, Gad’s pupils achieve a higher and better GCSE “Attainment 8” score than the majority of other local independent schools. Gad’s achieved a score of 45.3 compared to King’s School, Rochester, 20.3; Cobham Hall, 43.4; Rochester Independent College, 18; Bethany School, 35.6; Kent College 43.2; St Edmund’s School, 40.7; St. Lawrence College 34.7.  The national average “Attainment 8” score is 44.6.  That Gad’s “Attainment 8” score is significantly better than many other independent schools is good news indeed for Gad’s students! Parents can check the data for themselves via the DfE here

I thought I would share this information with parents as I occasionally hear of car park misinformation and people claiming that the GCSE results at other independent schools are supposedly more superior to that achieved by Gad’s students.  It is good to have concrete evidence to show that actually our GCSE results are better than most other local independent schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our students for their successes and also thank our hard working, dedicated and enthusiastic Senior subject tutors who continue to make every effort to ensure all of our students do well.

David Craggs, Headmaster

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