Junior and Senior students were challenged to a ‘battle of the bands’ to find the school’s times tables champions.

Two teams selected from years five to nine, solved on-line questions in a high-energy, call-and-response manner, complete with a rock music theme.

Gad’s is part of the ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ (TTRS) community – an exciting and interactive method of mastering times tables.

Mr Savage joined organisers Head of Mathematics Mr Harris and Mathematics teacher Mrs Ostrehan, and was impressed by the standard and speed of maths on show, with many pupils achieving over 60 correct answers in a minute.

Mr Harris said:  “When you couple music and rockstar guitars with a bunch of highly talented mathematicians you know you are in for a treat!

“Being able to recall answers quickly and effectively helps everybody progress onto more complex and challenging mathematical matters.”

The first event saw ‘Rockstars U2’, featuring a line-up of Vinay, Taylor, Sher, Isabelle, Damilola, Jake and Zor, take on ‘Rockstars Bon Jovi’, made up of Karenth, Adrian, Blake, Sukhmanvir, Freddie, Grace and Lewis.

U2 was triumphant with 7472 correct answers and Bon Jovi scored 5964.

Next was a head-to-head quick fire round followed by the final which saw Vinay victorious with 230 correct answers.

Taylor finished a close second with Karenth and Damilola also finalists.

The maths department is delighted with the popularity and success of ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ and is looking forward to a further school competition in Spring before Gad’s hosts the South East regional competition in June 2018.

The current Gad’s Hill leader board shows Damilola and Vinay at the top of the school, with Taylor and Holly in pursuit.

Remember to keep playing https://ttrockstars.com/


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